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Manufacturing Focus–A Comprehensive View 

How to Think About Organization of The Factory Floor 

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"The focused factory will out-produce, undersell, and quickly gain competitive edge over the complex factory, The focused factory does a better job because repetition and concentration in one area allows its work force and managers to become effective and experienced in the task required for success. The focused factory is manageable and controllable. Its problems are demanding, but limited in scope."

—Prof. Wickham Skinner (1974)

The Focused Factory concept pioneered by Wickham Skinner in 1974 rests on three underlying principles:

  • There are many ways to compete besides low cost.

  • A factory cannot perform well on every measure.

  • Simplicity & repetition bring competence.

These principles apply beyond an individual factory. They are true for work units such as workcells, departments or even individuals. Our extended article, Manufacturing Focus–A Comprehensive View, explores the implications of the principles above and The Focused Factory with respect to Plant Layout, Organization Structure and competitiveness.

The article was originally presented as a paper at the Operations Management Association conference in Warwick, United Kingdom. It was then adapted for Chapter 15 in Chris Voss' book, Manufacturing Strategy–Process & Content. So, it is a bit academic, having been written for an academic audience, and it is a bit long for the average manufacturing practicioner. But those who are interested in Manufacturing Strategy as a means to provide continuity, order and consistency to their firm's decisions will find some useful thoughts. 

We invite you to check it out on our website or the download the free pdf file.

Strategos can also assist your firm with consulting or training in Lean Manufacturing, Facility Planning and Manufcturing Strategy. Please call me if you would like to talk further.

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