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Tidiness Improves Job Performance 

Research Verifies & Quantifies a 5S Principle

Kansas City

25 MAR 2016

Issue# 93

A recent and rigorous study shows that the mere appearance of neatness and organization improves work performance. Specifically the study demonstrated:

These are all aspects of what psychologists call "Self-Regulatory Behaviors." The self-regulatory behavior that such tidiness enhances improves job performance generally and would specifically improve quality, schedule performance, absenteeism and teamwork.

Although this research was not specifically concerned with 5S, it is highly relevant since 5S places emphasis on cleanliness, tidiness and organization. Done properly, 5S goes far beyond mere appearance to reduce reaching, walking, searching and waste of time and motion. The results of effective 5S will be far greater than the results of Professor Chae's study.

 Our new web page on tidiness in 5S summarizes and illustrates Professor Chae's work. It can help to justify 5S and address skepicism about 5S efforts.

Strategos can assist with consultation, training and kaizen events. Call or email us if you would like to talk further.

Best Regards,

Quarterman Lee


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Chae, Boyoun and Shu, Rui, "Environmental Disorder Leads to Self-Regulatory Failure", Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 40, April 2014.

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