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Kaizen--What Does It Really Mean?

Greetings All-

Kaizen is a Japanese word that, generally, means “improvement”. In the U.S. it takes on several meanings with respect to manufacturing. Our latest White Paper explores the variations of Kaizen. These variations have important (but different) roles in a Lean Manufacturing strategy. You can find this on our website at:


One variation is the “Kaizen Event” or “Kaizen Blitz”. This is a short, intense and focused effort to locally improve a process. It is often useful for implementing workcells or improving setups. However, there are some dangers in the blitz. Our white paper “Is The Kaizen Blitz Right For You” explores the benefits and hazards. It has examples of success as well as failures. You can also find this on our website at:

Best Regards,

Quarterman Lee


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