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20 December 2003

Implementing Lean Manufacturing II

Strategy , Tactics and Action Plans

"We are convinced that there are no rules of any kind for strategic maneuvering"

--Carl von Clauswitz    



Lean Implementation Series

Lean Manufacturing Leadership




Planning, Leading, and Managing The Lean Journey


Lean Assessment

Today, we continue with Lean Manufacturing Implementation. Previously, we examined key issues and suggested a "mental model" to guide our thoughts.

Manufacturing Strategy is about developing a manufacturing system of people, equipment and infrastructure. The system must support marketing strategy, downplay weaknesses, build on strengths and take advantage of competitors' weakness. This is, truly, a complex thing; more art than science.

A Lean Manufacturing Strategy starts with the tools and techniques developed originally at Toyota. But this is just a starting point. There is no cookbook that works for every manufacturer.

There are at least 24 elements, tools and techniques associated with Lean Manufacturing. Do you really need them all? If not, which are most important and/or urgent? This is where we move from "list thinking" to strategy. our Lean Strategy page tells how.

From ideas, policies and general direction action plans emerge. Our page on Action Planning shows how develop viable, executable plans. It has hints, how-to's, guidance for execution and an example. The entire implementation series is also available as a free, printer-friendly PDF file.

I hope that these thoughts are helpful. Best wishes for the holidays and the new year.

Quarterman Lee

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