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21 March 2007      

How To Invigorate A Mapping Team

The Map Is Not Even The Territory, Much Less The Destination

Nominally, the work-product of a Value Stream or Process mapping session is a complete and correct map. However, a neat diagram with cute pictographs is much less important than intangible results such as:

  • A profound and deep understanding of the process

  • Broad consensus on the nature of the problem(s)

  • Agreement on good solutions

  • A bias towards action

Such elusive but crucial results do not derive from a knowledge of maps, procedures and conventions; or from software. They come from the skill and insight of a group's facilitator. It is the facilitator who:

  • Convenes the right people

  • Provokes the penetrating question

  • Challenges the knee-jerk response

  • Focuses attention on "Centers of Gravity."

  • Inspires the reticent

  • Slows the steamrollers

Our web pages on Facilitating A Process Mapping Team show potential facilitators how to do this. These pages detail facilitation procedures and provide many hints for success. They are part of a larger series of pages on Value Stream and Process mapping that explain both how to do it and what to do with it. These pages come from my experience in mapping and facilitating for more than 30 years.

All this and more is in my book "The Strategos Guide To Value Stream and Process Mapping", now published in hardcopy by Enna, Inc. This new edition supplements the popular eBook and is available at the Strategos website, from Enna, Inc. and from

I hope this is all helpful and we wish you great success.

Best Regards,

Quarterman Lee

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