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16 October 2010      

Plant Layout

Achieving Results & Consensus

To the un-initiated, a plant layout seems pretty simple--just create equipment templates and arrange them on a scaled drawing. Those who have attempted this with a facility of any size know how frustrating and difficult such a project can be.

The difficulties arise from several factors:

1) The amount of detailed information, both quantitative and qualitative, is overwhelming and the need for this information is only apparent later in the project.

2) Longer term strategy for expansion, new products and new technology is often vague and difficult to integrate with more immediate issues.

3) The philosophical basis or Manufacturing Strategy is often vague. This leads to both strong differences in opinion and shifting opinions.

4) Consensus is difficult and constantly shifts. At best, this leads to extensive rework, confusion and sub-optimum results. At worst it leads to acrimony.

Our web pages on Facility Planning show how to bring organization and rigor to this often-frustrating process. They derive from many years of layout planning in many industries. You may also be interested in my book, "Facilities & Workplace Design," which expands on the web articles with examples, specifics and forms.

For our readers in Asia, note that I will be presenting a Value Stream Mapping Workshop in Kuala Lumpur next month and a warehousing program in Beijing and Shanghai in March.

Best Regards,

Quarterman Lee

Value Stream Mapping Seminar

Quarterman Lee, Presenter

Kuala Lumpur - 9-10 NOV 2010

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