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15 January 2011                    

Low-Tech Statistical Process Control

The Psychology of SPC

Statistical Process Control (SPC) has a mixed reputation. Largely because it is often employed with little common sense and/or with little understanding of its psychology. And the psychology of SPC is often more important than the science.

Many people in manufacturing incorrectly assume that SPC does not apply to low-tech situations such as manual assembly, simple, operator-dominated processes or non-repetitive processes. This assumption derives from the view that SPC is all about science and statistics and independent of operators, attitudes, and human aspects.

SPC works very well in situations where (seemingly) there is nothing to measure and every defect is human error. There are several keys to success:

1. Use The Proper Charts

2. Chart Only 2-4 Important Parameters

3. Keep It Simple

4. Leverage The Psychology

Our web page on "The Psychology of SPC" shows an example from my own experience and illustrates many principles.

A special note for our readers in Asia: I will be presenting  a workshop on Effective Warehouse Management in Beijing and Shanghai this March. If this is a topic of interest, please consider attending.

Best Regards,

Quarterman Lee

Effective Warehouse Management

Beijing 7-8 March 2011           Shanghai 10-11 March 2011

Quarterman Lee, Presenter            

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