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What Might Have Been for Apple (Conclusion) 


A U.S. Manufacturing Strategy for Apple

An American workforce will certainly be different from Foxconn's Chinese workforce, as we noted in our previous Lean Briefing. However, the workforce is only one piece. An effective US Manufacturing Strategy for Apple would address many other issues as well, for example:

  • What is required in the way of equipment, workflow and layout to maximize an American workforce's productivity?
  • What might the facilities be like for US production-- in terms of size, location, products built and processes utilized?
  • With respect to demand, When should Apple build facilities and capacity?
  • How would the supply chain operate? Is a US-based supply chain even possible?

These and other questions are addressed by our final article, "What Might Have Been for Apple." We also offer the complete series as a free download in a  printer-friendly PDF file.

Manufacturing Strategy is simple but not easy. Strong opinions, culture, corporate history and differing world-views work against consensus and pull in differing directions.

At Strategos, we help client's top management sort through the issues, explore the options and set priorities. Give me a call before your next expansion or plant re-arrangement. We are always ready for a discussion and it costs nothing.

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