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Manufacturing Strategy—The Why, When, Where & Who  


Books & Videos

Books & Videos

The Strategos Guide To Value Stream and Process Mapping goes far beyond symbols and arrows. In over 163 pages it tells the reader not only how to do it but what to do with it. More info...

Strategos Guide to Value Stream & Process Mapping


Guide to Cycle Counting

Warehouse Planning Guide

Human Side of Lean Video


Advantages of A Formal Manufacturing Strategy

Every manufacturer has a Manufacturing Strategy. The question is not whether to have a strategy, it is what sort of strategy—conscious, deliberate & well-thought-out or unconscious, accidental and haphazard. A formal process for developing strategy is most likely to result in a strategy that:

  • Is Internally Consistent

  • Supports Marketing

  • Meshes with Finance

  • Improves Competitive Position

Continuing our series on Manufacturing Strategy, the latest web page discusses the benefits as well as the When, Where and Who of a formal strategy development. Strategy is not just another version of Lean or Six Sigma. It is an altogether different animal that addresses different issues. Click here to learn more.

Strategos can assist with your Manufacturing Strategy development by facilitating the strategic debate and highlighting the relevant issues. If the possibilities intrigue you, and the probably should, call me to discuss them.

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