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Product Life Cycles & Manufacturing Strategy 


Kansas City

30 OCT 2012

Issue# 86

How does a product's life-cycle phase affect the Key Manufacturing Task? And, how should manufacturing address issues such as process design, scheduling, inventory and staffing?

A company's Manufacturing Strategy for a particular product may change as the product progresses through the phases of its natural life cycle. For example, the Key Manufacturing Task for a new product may be to develop a process that will be profitable and scalable when and if the product succeeds. Whereas, the Key Manufacturing Task for declining or waning product may be to maximize profits and scale down the process.

The Product Life Cycle is only one of several concepts underlying Manufacturing Strategy. It may not affect every Manufacturing Strategy but managers should be aware of the possible implications. Our new web page, Product Life Cycles In Manufacturing Strategy elaborates. Additional such topics will follow in our subsequent newsletters

In addition to our free web articles on Manufacturing Strategy we offer a new introductory seminar. We can also guide and facilitate your Manufacturing Strategy development. Please call me if you would like to talk further and explore the possibilities. 

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